I’m known for my warm and friendly approach.  It’s important for you to feel comfortable with me and I aim to make that as easy as possible, so that you feel safe to take about yourself.

I’ve been working in mental health care for nearly thirty years and I have considerable experience.  I spent many years practising in secure environments with patients with extreme difficulties; some with damage from severe emotional trauma, some with overwhelming symptoms from psychiatric illness, and many with some combination of both of these things.  I moved on to specialising in work to help people manage self-destructive behaviours including anorexia, cutting, overdosing and other forms of self-harm. I am a specialist in helping people to understand and manage self-harm and suicidal thoughts.

I know how difficult it can be to recognise and address your own issues and habits. It’s hard work!  And it’s easy to feel embarrassed or ashamed of exploring those parts of yourself, which can make things worse. You needn’t worry; it’s my job to help you through the tough bits and keep you feeling safe. I’m not about to tut and shake my head when you admit to a failing or difficulty; we all have those. I’ll help you to understand how and why those difficulties arise and how I can support you to find a healthier, happier approach.